8th Moharram ul Haraam, 1440H

Every aspect of Maulana Ali’s AS life bears witness to this declaration. His unique status in creation was recognized even before Maulatana Fatema binteAsad gave birth to him. Every month of her pregnancy was marked by visitations by the prophets from Adam AS to Isa AS. The doors of the Ka’aba opened up for Maulatana Fatema; Maulatana Hawwa,Maulatana Sarrah, Maulatana Hajar, and Maulatana Mariam attended to her. One of Maulana Ali’s AS titles is ‘ibn Mariam’ for she was the first to hold him.

MaulaAli AS embodies the stream of Kausar in Jannat. He is the fount of all knowledge. Jibra’eel rose to his feet as a mark of respect to Maulana Ali AS his teacher and it was Jibra’eelwho bewailed Ali’s ASshahadat amongst the angels in Heaven.

What can one say of the faiz e mawaid that Maula Ali AS began in Kufa with Imamayn Hasan AS Hussain AS welcoming all and feeding mumin and miskeen while he himself refused even a small portion of dahi taking only sparse morsels of Jauni roti. Such is the strength of that faiz that it is continued today as Faiz al Mawaid al Burhaniyah.

What can one say about Maulana Ali’s AS mushkilkushai! Enduring the searing pain of Ibn Muljim’sLA poisoned sword, ‘MushkilKusha e do Aalam’ is triumphant: Fuzto be rabbeka’ba:O’rab of ka’aba, victory is mine.

To be recognized by Maulana Ali AS is to attain kausar. King or beggar or slave—all owe their place in eternity to their love for Maulana Ali AS. The Janaza of Bani Riyaah’s slave had only four pall bearers, but seventy hosts of seventy thousand angels prayed namaz on his janaza with Rasulallah SAW and Maulana Ali AS. The slaves body was bound in chains even in death but what can one say of the eternal freedom awarded to him by Allah Ta’ala. He was freed by his pure love for Maulana Ali AS when herepeatedly expressed in the words inniwallahe ohibbokayaMaulaya!”Mumineen emulate the slave of Bani Riyaah and say to their Maula TUS, “Truly, O’ Maula, I love you! (inniwallahe ohibbokayaMaulaya) and demonstrate their pure love for Maula in words and deeds. They also yearn to be counted as Maula Ali’s AS shi’as.

They respond fervently to their dais call to gather during the majaalis of Imam Hussain AS during AsharaMubaraka and get counted by the angels who descend to earth drawn by the maatam of Imam Hussain AS. The words of Burhanuddin MaulaRA echo in every mumin soul: shukurshukurshukur! Thanks that just as the angels responded to Jibra’eel’s call and did maatam for Panjatan Pak SAW, we respond to Maula’sTUS call – we do maatam and mourn today and always, in this world and in Jannat.